Aftermath of Illusions

from by Maleficus Angelus



Dreaming of immortality,
promised eternal bliss.
Living Blind masochists,
self-enslaved, rotting away.

Ruled by absolute contempt,
Enslaving this world for all
hoping to be free in the next...
Ruled by absolute fantasy,
Soon to be crushed, for we are:
Blood, Fire, Death!

It spreads Blood!
Total Armageddon!

Once their pillars of power,
... now rotting within,
It made Them bleed...
... their Men, their Seeds.

Their Blood is now spilled,
On their Throne of void.
Their cries now echo,
of a dissonant Illusion.

Taking world as a hostage,
to redeem for false eternity...
This the principle disease,
will receive the purging flame!

It seeds Fire!
Total Armageddon!

Once their pillars of life...
... now but whores for pity.
It made Them burn...
... their Women, their Trees.

Rotten seeds they planted
Barren wasteland they produced,
Degenerating the future!
Our Unchained hearts,
storm forth relentlessly,
sweeping the material


Devastation... so swift, so blunt...
Look at their corpses,
rotting in the sun...

Yet more of those Sheep remain,
hidden away, soon to be but
a decaying, reeking Flesh;
a rotten, dying Herd.

Their Shepherds await in fear,
mending their Flock...
...oh but a feeble attempt,
of a dying Breed!

Their Ash is now spilled,
On their Throne of void.
Their cries now echo,
of a dissonant Illusion.

Thus came their Apocalypse;
Drenched in Blood,
Scorched with Fire;
Terminated by Death;
The Blind are overthrown,
swept by our Scythe.
With their throne destroyed.
No future awaits them.

It is Death!
Total Armageddon!

Once the pillars of the future
... now all but pale faces.
It made Them die...
... their Children, their fruits.

Our Fall is their doom
... their fall is our victory

Fall of man!


from Fall of Man, released April 27, 2013




Maleficus Angelus Slovenia

Born in 2003, reborn in 2013.

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