Plague of Fantasies

from by Maleficus Angelus



Morbid atmosphere about,
encapsulating the existance;
Stark lifeless vaccum,
strangling the breath...
Malignant turmoils reign,
ruling the time-space.
Devastating ruminations
in front of our horizon.

One can no longer see,
the difference between,
the nightmares and the reality...
blinding light
eclipsing the sight

Feellings of instanity,
prevail the sense,
fighting it hopelessly,
displacing the sanity
eating up our conciousness;
everlasting derangement!

One can no longer feel
the difference between
the nightmares and the reality...
venomous poison
paralyzing the feeling

Torn apart... disturbed,
by the phantasm of the Blind...
Our minds converge
on the thorn-pawed path,
towards the stars unseen,
Our Deafening Whispers demand


Wrath and sorrow within,
burnt down the blinding light,
thus we embraced the shadow

And our colourless sight,
intensified the focus to see
this abyss, the Void of
this blurred fantasy...

Struggling on the edge of abyss...
under which the Blind roam

Plague of fantasies,
cripling our minds...
Annihilation of reason,
Destruction of sanity.
yearning to subjugate our minds;
Bleeding us from within...

One can no longer believe
in the difference between
the nightmares and the reality...
Numbing madness
prevailing the reason


from Fall of Man, released April 27, 2013




Maleficus Angelus Slovenia

Born in 2003, reborn in 2013.

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